Georgia Agriculture


Georgia farmers contribute close to $72.5 billion each year to the state’s economy; Georgia agriculture encompasses everything from peanuts, corn, cotton, peaches, soybeans, tobacco, and pecans to food processing and agricultural education programs. The vast pine forests in the northern part of the state provide much of the world’s supply of resins and turpentine. The Peach State is home to 42,258 farms encompassing more than 9.5 million acres of land, each with an average size of 228 acres. The land is rich with a variety of soils ideal for agriculture. This, combined with the fact that most of the state has a humid subtropical climate with mild winters and hot moist summers, Georgia is an ideal place to farm a variety of commodities, including hemp.

Georgia is an essential manufacturer of textiles, paper, food products, transportation equipment, clothing, and chemicals. Mines within the state produce barite - a mineral used in the manufacturing of rubber and paper - and bauxite - the ore from which aluminum is made. Georgia is also a leading producer of marble, carpet textiles, apparel, transportation equipment, food processing, paper products, and chemical products.

Adding hemp to existing industry product portfolios will exponentially enrich Georgia’s economic opportunity since the climate conditions will allow for a longer growing season and produce higher hemp yields.

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